Gentle Diva of Griffin’s Lodge †

Gentle Diva of Griffin’s Lodge †


Born: August 24, 1999
Deceased : November 13, 2011

mrs. H. Timmerman

Diva was the pet dog of my mother, but when she was 12 weeks old my mother got very ill.
So Diva lived with us ever since.
Diva was a sweet companion to us and the kids as you can see.

Diva with our daughter Claire

van Elegast kennel

since 1995

Stella’s babies are born last August 5th.
No puppy’s available anymore.
Aristocurl’s Pascall (Philip) x Zoete Sterrenregen van Elegast (Stella):
2 black boys, 6 black girls and 2 liver girls

Brenda van der Zwet-van Rijn
The Netherlands
Tel. +31(0)627561002