Dax †

Dax †

Born: December 21, 1996
Deceased : July 27, 2010

Mrs. W.J. Peelen-Rodenboog

• HD tc B1
• Eyes clear

Dax came to live with us in October 2005. He was replaced because his former owner died.
He was such a special personality.

On July 27 2010 we had to let go our very loyal and sweet old boy.
Eventhough there were 4 dogs left, our house was very empty suddenly.
We keep on missing him but cherish all the lovely memories he left us…..

van Elegast kennel

since 1995

We had to let our beautiful, sweet, funny, wise, best friend for ever Blom go
It hurts so much, we miss you girl, in our hearts forever.
BLOM (Uved’s Sweetie Zitrus) 24-07-2007 – 13-03-2019

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